Smart Energy Management System (SEMS)

With SEMS intelligent street lighting control systems installed, you can:


1. Remotely program the output of your entire street light network and/or any number of subgroups of lights or even individual fix-tures from a single location (which could be anywhere in the world). Lamps can be turned on and off at specific times as well as dimmed during periods where there is low traffic.

2. Develop/implement lighting protocols that will optimize the performance of your street lighting network while maintaining your high level of public safety.

3. Effectively plan lamp fixture locations and installations.

4. Perform comprehensive and accurate energy usage calculations.

5. Reduce your maintenance costs and increase public safety through the development of pro-active maintenance schedules.

6. Quickly generate reports for installation planning, maintenance programs and energy usage.

7. Set light level transition times for the lamps on a periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, user configurable) basis.

8. Adjust light output levels to reduce energy consumption during off-peak hours or for regional events.

9. Set dawn / dusk triggers (based on a photocell or astronomical calculation) to accommodate for localized ambient lighting.



SEMS Intelligent street lighting control system is the ultimate centralized street light management solution:

1. Reduce energy use by up to 40%.

2. Reduce maintenance by up to 50%.

3. Increase bulb life by up to 25%.

4. Powerful software with GPS mapping.

5. Payback period as low as 2 years!.



SEMS Intelligent street lighting control system is the ultimate centralized street light management solution:

1. Weatherproof and 24-hour automatic monitoring

2. Monitoring range over a few kilometers with auto-routing

3. Check each lamp (power consumption, on-off, temperature)

4. Dimming

5. Failures report from intelligent lamp

6. Steetlighting system energy-saving control

8. Multiple alerting modes for users to choose

9. Alert to control center or person on duty via cell phone

10. Connection with emergency phone numbers


Major Features

1. Street Lighting Remote Control System

2. GIS geographic information system

3. Assets management system

4. Maintenance management system

5. Expert analysis energy report system

6. Video monitoring system.


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