Why LED's

Before we can see the benefits of LEDs over the technologies of the past, we need to know what those technologies are. High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights include; Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, Ceramic Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Xenon Short-Arc and Ultra-High Performance lamps, with HPS being the most common.


Benefits of LED's

LEDs produce light when electrons are charged on the surface of a semiconductor or diode
Uses a power supply to drive the current
LED 400W HPS equivalent consumes about 171 watts of electricity
Average life of our LED is 60,000 hours or 14 years
Robust design and components
Focused light
True color with vivid visibility
Instant off/on
Zero maintenance cost
No UV, mercury, sodium, fully recyclable
LED light is invisible to most bugs
Refractive lenses

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